Derek Prince – How To Apply The Blood

Tim Keen
I moved to an old farmhouse that had poltergeist activity ,During the day books fell off shelves and noises were in every room . At night I was bound in bed by these evil spirits and I could not move as I was frozen with fear.I spoke to my sister who was a born again Christian , sne said she could help me . A few days later she came to my house , blessed some water in the name of Jesus and sprinkled it in every room , she bound these spirits and commanded them to go back to the pit . She then applied the blood to my house, each room, every doorpost , just like the Israelites did in exodus 12 . That night I slept in peace and as a consequence I gave my life to Jesus. Now I am a minister of the gospel myself .There is power , wonder working power in the precious blood of Jesus . Amen
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