Trang Mana đây nhé, mời các bạn vào đọc.

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About The Author

Moses Nguyen Lukewarm Christian for so many years, anointed by God for a special ministry for waking up and setting free all sleeping and lazy Christians from all forces of evil from this world to come back to God as warriors preparing for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ like in the ancient times, the Israelite being delivered from Pharaoh's slavery . The articles in this blog are like Manna and Living Waters that the readers should read and put into application from the article number 1 to number 70 in order to recover all of the spirtual strength and ready to escape from the slavery of evil spirits to freedom in Jesus 's Name as it was promised by our Father God. Manna and Living Waters articles have been proven to make spiritual life changing situations for so many people already in the past, when will be your turn? You will be glad you find this website because it is a gift from God to all of His beloved children.

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