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“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places,

seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from

which I come. And when he comes he finds it empty, swept and in order.

Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself,

and they enter and dwell there;and the last state of that man is worse than the first

So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”  MATTHEW 12: 43-45

1. Demons walk – they can travel from one place to another, they are disbodied spirits, that they want to manifest in the flesh of the man, they seek to inhabit body.

2. Demons seek – they seek and search, they have personalities. The search for the people who are yielding to them through lifestyle.

3. Demons rest – they rest after they seek for the body, they feel tired.

4. Demons see – they can see through spiritual eyes.

5. Demons talk – they can speak and talk, they can communicate.

6. Demons have will – they can think and decide when return, they have imagination.

7. Demons have faith – they have believed that they will return to the house.

8. Demons have memory – they remember when they were before to come back.

9. Demons can examine – they can examine your room and find empty. Demons always come back and examine you. He remembers that he got you one time.

They are smart. He comes to his own house and he see its vacant.

10. Demons can plan – they plan to invite other seven spirits, even worst that they.

11. Demons have knowledge – they know how to call for help.




“Or else how can one enter a strong man`s house and plunder his goods,

unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.”

MATTHEW 12: 29


            There are twelve strong men in the Bible. To each is connection with demons.

Demons can be cast out, but when the strongman is inside, they will come back, and the condition of the man is worse that before. We must deal with the Strong man first


 1. Spirit of Jealousy – First Strong man in the Bible is in NUMBERS 5: 11

When there is a suspicion about anything there is the spirit of Jealousy.

PROVERBS 6: 34 – “For jealousy is the rage of the man.” Therefore he will nor spare anybody under suspicion. Revenge is demon, but Jealousy is Strong man.

Murder is demon, rage is demon, competition os demon but Jealousy is the Spirit.

2. Spirit of Lying – II CHRONICLES 18: 22, JEREMIAH 23: 14

“They commit adultery and walk in lies.” Adultery is a demon from Spirit of Lying.

“They all of them like Sodom.” It is Spirit of homosexuality. Sodomy is connected.

Spirit of Lies is the Strong man. There is the curse upon the lies. Profanity is bound by Lying Spirit. Vanity is connected to the Spirit of Lies. Hypocrisy is also from this.

If you want to be really free – you should deal with the Lying Spirit. The same Lying Spirit is in  church as a Spirit of Religion. Continually condemning others, standing higher than others, isolate themselves, only his group is right, continually accuse you,

They jumping from church to church. Everybody is wrong, you can never win with them. Everytime you talk, they always talk back with lies and untruth. Just avoid them.

3. Familiar Spirit – I samuel 28: 7

Word Familiar means Friendly, and Familiar Spirit will manifest in Astrology. People who follow the stars, they are bound by the Familiar Spirit. It is demonic. Horoscopes, reading horoscopes. The Spirit bound  lives. All forms of the occult and witchcraft.

4. Spirit of Perversion – ISAIAH 19: 14. Perversion is also  PROVERBS 13: 2

To prevent means to twist the truth, to corrupt, to turn the truth around. It does apply to all sexual perversions as homosexuality and bestiality. Lust after women is also with Spirit of Perversion, and uncontrolled leads to oppression, which needs deliverance.

5. Spirit of Heaviness – ISAIAH 61: 6. Devil of grief, of self pity, of rejection,

loneliness, gluttony. People are bound with rejection and self pity.

6. Spirit of Harlotry –  HOSEA 4: 12, there are six strong man by name:

Idolatries, Love of world, love of money, love of self, fornication, prostitution.

The people in harlot and prostitution are associated with devil and his kingdom.

Nobody is satisfied with prostitute. It is no satisfaction in sex with a harlot.

7. Spirit of Infirmity –  LUKE 13: 11

 All sicknesses, every disease know to human, behind is the Spirit of Infirmity.

8. Deaf and Dumb Spirit – MARK 9: 17

Dumb and deaf Spirit tormented young boy, giving him suicidal thoughts, Spirit tormented him.It is demon of suicide in the dumb and deaf spirit. Jesus set him free. We must deal with the Spirit of Infirmity first as Strong man.

9. Spirit of Fear – II TIMOTHY 1: 7

Spirit of Fear first torment inside the body. Fear has tormentor, so those who are tormented, they are afraid and have sense of danger. You say to your children: Do not Fear. Just trust the LORD at all times and everything will be OK. Our God said:

Fear not, I am with You. It is sign of unbelief, when you start to fear. Fear is: torment

terror, nightmares, worry and all come by devil of fear.

10. Spirit of PridePROVERBS 16: 18

Spirit of Pride manifest with mockery, stubbornness. Witchcraft is in the same line.

Pride and witchcraft are relatives. Gossip, arrogance, selfrighteousness, wrath.

In wrath is the pride of man.

11. Spirit of BondageROMANS 8: 5

“We have no received the Spirit of Bondage, but Spirit of Adoption.”

When you can not call on God – it is the very first symptom. You try but can not pray to God. People who try to pray, but can`t break through because they are bound by Spirit of Bondage. They can not call God Father. They can not say Father in Jesus` Name. They have no feeling for fellowship. In the Bondage is found anguish, bitterness, all types of  addiction to drugs, to cigarettes, to alcohol.

12. Spirit of AntichristI JOHN 4: 3

It is legalism, opposing the men of God, opposing teaching, opposing speaking in tongues, speaking against the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, substitutes everything, opposing and prosecuting saints, blasphemy against saints. It is controlling others Spirit

We always should deal with the Strong man and bind them in the Name of Jesus.

In MATTHEW 12 : 29 Jesus said very clearly to religious pharasees:

“Or else how can one enter the strong man`s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.”


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